Mert Gokalp | Turkey, Portugal, England

The bluefish, a symbol of Istanbul, faces the threat of extinction. This fish is truly a Bosporus legend. The Bosporus has already lost some of its famous inhabitants; the giant blue-fin tuna and its predator, the great white shark, no longer swim through those waters. Lobsters that were once plentiful in the Sea of Marmara, swordfish and the Mediterranean seals, are also long gone. Most recently, the Bosporus mackerel disappeared. Is the bluefish next in line? This film combines magical underwater footage, interviews with fisherman and activists, to showcase the fish story with great sensitivity.

My Own Private War

Lidija Zelovic | Netherlands

How do you get to terms with your war history? And how can you ensure that your children don’t have to carry this burden? In this very personal documentary Lidija Zelovic tries to answer this question. Zelovic grew up in Bosnian the city of Sarajevo, then still Yugoslavia, where the civil war of 1992 divided the population. In 1993, she fled to the Netherlands. As a war correspondent for the BBC and later as a filmmaker, she kept trying to get closer to the truth about war.



The Others

Ayse Polat | Turkey, Germany

The Others recaps the history of the Armenian genocide in the Eastern-Anatolian province Van from a recent perspective. The documentary portraits how “the others” are scapegoated for the bloody conflict between people who once lived side by side peacefully.


Mare Nostrum - A Concert. A Journey.

Michelle Brun, Stefan Haupt | Switzerland, France, Spain, Morocco

In ‘MARE NOSTRUM – A Concert. A Journey’, students from the Scuola Vivante are preparing for a concert with the Catalan musician Jordi Savall and his ensemble from 11 different countries. Interviewed by the students, the musicians talk about their lives and the places they call home around the Mediterranean. They talk about their love of music and their instruments. One month later, a school trip takes the students to the sea and right up into the High Atlas region of Morocco to their partner school, the Ecole Vivante. They venture out into the unknown and come into contact with that world that is expressed through music at the ‘Mare Nostrum’ concert.

Kalavryta - People and Shadows

Elias Giannakakis | Greece

Kalavryta. December 1943. Τhe entire male population over the age of 14 executed; every house in town torched down. In retribution, said the Germans, for the killing of 80 Wehrmacht soldiers by partisans. Only mothers were left behind. And their small children. In a wasteland. Enduring a living death, the mothers raised their children. Children who are now senior citizens. It’s not only the memory of blood and ruin that haunts them. It’s the questions that cast a heavy shadow upon them. Would the slaughter have been avoided, if the partisans had not killed the Germans? What does the word ‘retribution’ mean? Or the word ‘destolation’? Why us?
Τhe film is a collective portrait of the survivors, struggling for the last 70 years to figure out who they really are and what has happened to them.

Portolago - Ghosts in the Aegean

Ioanna Asmeniadou-Phocas | Greece

An aeronautical base, defensive structures, batteries and a whole new town are some of the constructions made by the Italians in Leros in the 1930s. A little island with 7.500 Greek inhabitants has since housed more than 100.000 people in these structures. Military personnel, teenagers, mental patients, political prisoners, refugees, all of them leaving their mark on the island.

Short Gypsy stories

Stavros Psillakis | Greece

Athanasia,Theodore,George,Chrysoula, are gypsies, who live and move around in Zefiri, Menidi and surrounding areas.
They don’t live in tents and camps anymore, but in a modern urban environment each according to their abilities.
Through stories they tell of their lives, their individual unique character slowly unfolds. They become PEOPLE with dreams, hopes and disappointments, just like any of us…


Christos Karalias | Greece

A six-member family is living in a land with tall fences outside Athens. A house full of children’s voices, music, a family band and “homemade” movies. A different approach to life and to the upbringing of children into responsible adults, based on love and their relationship with Jesus. A student project that ended up as a complete documentary.

They who dared, George Cotzias

Spyros Tsiftsis | Greece

George Cotzias is a giant of medicine. He is the inventor of the cure for Parkinson’s desease, and one of the founders of neurophysiology. Moved to America after the invasion of the German troops, he worked most of his life in Brookhaven National Laboratory. He died of cancer at the age of 59.
The film explores the life and times of this most remarkable researcher through interviews of people who knew him or were influenced by him and his contributions to the medical science.

Emery Tales

Sussanne Bausinger, Stelios Efstathopoulos | Greece, Germany

In the mountainous landscape of Naxos, a Cycladic island, the villagers make a living out of collecting… stones.
Ever since the Ottoman rule, six communities have had the right to mine emery, which is hidden in mount Ammomaxi.
In the old days, the black stone, used as an abrasive was very in demand. Nowadays, it is given to the government in return for health and pension insurance. The workers struggle with their barren fields in order to earn a living. The younger generations flee.
The right to work in the mines is reserved to 400 men, whose chief concern is whether the government will continue its mining activities.
Emery is their life. Will it have a future, though?

Τrue Blue

Haris Raftogiannis | Greece

At a country that collapses (Greece), an elderly Greek – American
couple, Girly & Stamatis, is acting as teenagers, enjoying life at
the Greek island of Ikaria, a place known for the reason that its people forget to
But the sudden death of a friend of them, reminds them that the end is closer.


Simos Korexenidis | Greece

Stratis Eleftheriadis TERIADE (Lesvos 1987 – Paris 1983)
-The art critic and famous publisher of art magazines (VERVE,Cahiers d’Art,Minotaure)
-The man who discovered the Greek naïve painter Theophilos
-The friend of:Picasso,Matisse,Miro,Chagall, Giacometti, Leger,Juan Gris,Le Corbusier, Rouault,Braque,Elytis,Michaux,Tsarouchis, N.Ch.Ghikas,Venezis,Cartier Bresson, Bonnard, Villon,Brassai,….
-The honored by the French Academy “ Knight of the Arts”
-The founder of 2 Museums in Lesvos: “Theophilos”+“Museum-Library Teriade”


Dollars for a Saint

Avra Georgiou | Greece, France

Messolonghi. A small coastal town in western Greece, stigmatized by its historical past. During the Turkish occupation it underwent a five-year siege (1821-1826), which was solved by a heroic Exodus. According to reports, gypsy drummers heartened the people in their war against the Turks. Still today the town is inhabited by these two diverse social groups, locals and gypsies, which have developed a social relation of harmonic co-existence, sealed by a unique communal celebration, the Saint Symeon feast. Once a year, they engage in an exhausting five-day festival, beginning Saturday evening and lasting uninterruptedly until Wednesday morning. During the feast, gypsies only are playing original traditional music, creating a transcendental ecstatic atmosphere of union through all social ranges. The documentary follows and observes St.

George Seferis on a pilgrimage to the Doric Fountain

George Tzedakis & Dimitris Kokinos | Greece

George Seferis, the poet, visits for only a day the island of Rhodes in the summer of 1971, a few months before he passes away. During his short visit there, he will be guided by his dear friend, the prose writer Nikos Kasdaglis, to an archeological monument of exceptional beauty, that of the Doric Fountain of Filerimos. This short film attempts to render the ultimate gaze of the poet, in his quest, at the ancient Greek glory. A gaze that prompts us to reflect on our connection with the burden of the cultural heritage we bear and the luscious beauty of the nature that surrounds us on this inward land we are destined to live. Thus, we might also be able to ponder over “the ancient monuments and the distress of our time”.

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